Augmented Reality

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How to see Augmented Reality

I Many of my creations contain hidden animations. Augmented Reality. To see them you will need to download and install the free, widely used app, ‘HP Reveal’. I use it exactly because it is free and widely used. It works on all Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

A) Make sure your device is connected to the internet/WiFi.
b) Download the free HP Reveal app from Apple-App-Store or Chrome-Play-Store.
c) Click to install it.
d) Run HP Reveal once it has installed. Think of a login name and password. You will need to register but it is free, easy and unobtrusive. You're almost there. Now you just have to follow me, 'tincap'.
e) Either scan this QR code to follow 'tincap'...

QR code


f) Click the HP Reveal symbol on your device.
g) Type 'tincap' into the ‘Discover Auras' search bar at the top of the HP Reveal screen.
h) Click the ‘search’ symbol at the bottom of the screen.
i) Click on the arrow to the right of ‘tincap's Public Auras’.
R) Point your device at the pictures below this text. You will now be able to enjoy the full experience of my ‘AR’. Just turn on HP Reveal, aim your device at the pictures and enjoy!


What is Augmented Reality?

Technology advances in ever lengthening strides. To keep up with what's going on I go to trade shows and symposiums concerned with app and tech development. Most of it is impenetrable to me, but occasionally I discover something that inspires me. As an artist I see the apps that interest me as being like musical instruments. Each has a unique role and timbre. Some you want to play with, some leave you cold. Until the piano was invented no one could write music for it and until someone learned to play it, no one could hear it.

Some recent buzz words in tech are Augmented and Virtual Reality, AR and VR to their friends, and I am particularly interested in AR. It allows me to combine my two areas of interest, Fine Art and Animation, to create something unique, but I am still learning to play this piano. AR uses a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. It employs its camera to recognise an image (as if it were a QR code) and overlays it with another image, animation or information, displaying it as a 2D image on the device's screen. VR uses a mobile phone as goggles or custom VR headsets. These totally obliterate the environment and replace it with another 3D one, creating the illusion that the viewer is elsewhere.